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Our Plumbing, Heating & Cooling Services in Mayfield Heights, Ohio

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Our Plumbing, Heating & Cooling Services in Mayfield Heights, Ohio

Our local experts are ready to provide the help you need when you experience issues with your HVAC or plumbing systems.

Our Residential Services

Our residential services bring your home or rental property back to life. During each visit, we inspect the house and write up a unique estimate for all needed services. We work quickly and offer emergency services 24 hours a day, seven days a week for all plumbing, heating, or cooling issues.

With 80 years of experience, we ensure your home is efficient, comfortable, and functional. Our licensed and insured technicians provide you excellent service, order new parts when needed, and schedule follow-ups when parts are unavailable.

Plumbing services include diagnostics and repairs for bathroom sinks, drain pipes, tub drains, copper pipes, PVC pipes, and more. We also handle:

● Sewer jetting
● Blocked sewers
● Sump pump maintenance and repair
● Backup power for sump pumps
● Leaky pipes
● Frozen pipes
● Tub repair or installation
● Toilet maintenance, repair, or replacement
● Hot water heaters

At Tom Schaefer Plumbing, we also service residential heating and cooling units. Your home cannot remain comfortable if there is no airflow, and your tenants will complain if the heat or AC doesn’t work.

We replace plumbing fixtures or install new hardware during construction projects or remodels. We can also replace or install unique showerheads or shower systems for each bathroom.

If you want to buy an older home and need an expert to inspect it first, we will step in to give you our honest opinion. We write an estimate for every repair or replacement that should occur in that home, explain where the house might fail local inspections, and even help with replacing vintage fixtures.

We offer HVAC services, including:

● Dirty or clogged filters
● Ductwork installation or repair
● Furnace services or repair
● Condenser maintenance
● Ductless AC service
● Thermostat repair or replacement
● Pilot light relighting or repair

Customers often report loud noises or an odd smell coming from their heaters or air conditioners. If this happens, turn off the device and call us immediately.

We sell efficient HVAC units to our customers and can install window units. Each inspection includes an estimate of the HVAC unit’s lifespan. Our team can recommend additional repairs, help reduce your power bills, or maximize airflow in the house. All our services include a one-year warranty on parts and labor.

TRUSTED name. RELIABLE service.

Residential & Commercial Plumbing, Heating and Cooling

Our Commercial Services

Your commercial, industrial, or retail space cannot function without appropriate airflow or plumbing. We understand you cannot afford to close your business because of these issues. As a result, we offer HVAC or plumbing services at all hours of the day or night.

We help our commercial clients with:

● Plumbing repair
● Pipe and plumbing maintenance
● New installations
● Air lines
● Gas and water lines
● State-mandated backflow tests
● Sewer inspections

Aside from expert repair, service, and installation, we help our customers with all code enforcement issues. If your building is suddenly in need of repairs due to recent code inspections, we act quickly.

We can take care of:

● Catch basins
● Downspouts
● Floor drains
● Laundry tubs
● Electric sewer cleaning

We also use sewer camera technology to detect issues within the pipes that you cannot see. If you report symptoms of a sewer problem to our team, we will diagnose the exact issue to save you money and time. We can even show you the video feed and explain where the damage is, how to fix it, and how long the repairs will take.

Our team also completes repairs on your property when tree roots or foreign objects obstruct or damage pipes. Removing these blockages is the only way to move forward without spending even more money in the future.

Commercial heating and cooling services mirror our residential options. We can measure for and recommend industrial HVAC units, order parts, and install units as needed. We also assist multi-family apartment or housing development managers. While we can service large buildings, we also understand how to serve tenants in their units when their issues are not systemic.

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