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Experts for Plumbing, Heating & Cooling in South Euclid, Ohio

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Residential Plumbing

All residential plumbing services begin with an inspection. Contact us for an appointment or emergency service, and one of our licensed and insured plumbers will respond as quickly as possible. Upon inspection, your plumber will complete a checklist and estimate, answer your questions, and help you choose the best course of action. Recommended services might include:

● Drain cleaning
● Pipe repair or replacement
● Fixture repair
● Service for leaky or frozen pipes
● Hot water heater service or replacement
● Sump pump maintenance
● Tub, toilet, or faucet service

We work closely with owners or project managers to select fixtures, install pipes, and organize each room during new construction or remodeling jobs. We help with hot tub installation, jacuzzis, or unique showers with multiple jets and heads.

If you own a rental property, we offer the same services for you or your tenants. Emergency services are also available 24/7, and when you call, we take down pertinent information and dispatch a team as soon as possible. If there is anything you can do to improve the situation before we arrive, you will receive specific instructions on what to do.

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Residential & Commercial Plumbing, Heating and Cooling

Commercial Plumbing

Commercial plumbing makes your business or facility comfortable, safe, and functional. While we help our clients with basic plumbing issues, we also work on:

● Eyewash stations
● Backflow tests, as mandated by the city, county, or state
● Sewer jet cleaning

We understand that our commercial customers have issues with the size of their facilities and the massive fixtures often used in these spaces. We offer repair services for large machines attached to your plumbing system, drainage system, and even water pumps or wells.

If you are renovating, we help you choose all the parts you need. Businesses that are subject to code inspections can contact us after the inspection. We will use the inspection report and our many years of expertise to bring the facility up to code.

Rental management companies can reach out to us for help with multi-family housing developments. These large buildings require our commercial experience and residential care for tenants. We help with burst pipes, floods, and complex repairs your maintenance team cannot complete.

Our local experts are here to offer an inspection and estimate for any residential or commercial facility.

Residential HVAC

HVAC services bring airflow back to your home. You depend on your heater to survive the winter, and you need air conditioning to get through the long, hot summers near the shores of Lake Erie. When you contact us for HVAC services, we help you overcome:

● Clogged air filters
● Ductwork damage
● Broken thermostats
● Pilot light issues

If you notice that your HVAC does not have airflow, there is a burning smell, or you hear loud noises, you should turn off the system before calling us for help. We respond when air does not flow at all, the condenser does not start, or you see far too much condensation around your furnace.

If you have concerns about your current HVAC unit or ductless system, we will help you choose an efficient install system. During replacement, we remove your old unit and use all new connections.

You can schedule routine service appointments with our team to avoid significant damage. Yearly, semi-annual, and quarterly services are beneficial depending on how much you use your HVAC system.

Commercial HVAC

Your commercial HVAC system often sits on the roof and must heat or cool a large area. It could cause the closure of your business if it does not work correctly. We take the time to inspect your entire facility, and we handle any issues we find in the system, including:

● Damaged heating elements
● Boiler cracks or malfunctions
● Damaged blower motors
● Necessary filter upgrades
● Refrigerant leaks or recharging

We aim to keep your business open and provide you with savings whenever possible. We also help management companies overseeing offices or retail units as we may need to visit an office or store and service systems for the entire building.

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For plumbing, heating, and cooling in South Euclid, Ohio, reach out to our team at Tom Schaefer Plumbing. We offer assistance with residential and commercial properties of all sizes.







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